Sandi and Kyle Miller

A mother/son team based in North Fayette Township, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh,) our goal is to take the photos that you want --- while you enjoy the game or event.  We travel all over the Pittsburgh area, but will also take photographs at tournaments and league games we are attending around the region.



Sandi Miller​

While the majority of my time is spent as a 5th grade teacher at South Fayette Intermediate School, I recently decided to start a small business with my son that could capitalize on our mutual interests in photography.  After years of taking photographs of my younger son's soccer games, I realized how much parents enjoyed the pictures I was able to provide for them.  So many parents tell me that they love having photographs of their child playing soccer, but they don't want to watch the game through a camera lens.  Others mention that they simply don't have a camera and can't get good action shots on their smartphone.​  I love taking pictures and watching sports - so it seemed like a perfect fit !  In May of 2016 - "Blink of an Eye" became a reality.


Kyle Miller​

My son, Kyle is a graduate of West Allegheny High School and was a student in the Digital Photography Program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  He was our first family soccer player, but his time on the field was cut short by multiple concussions.  Kyle fell in the small percentage of people who don't bounce easily from concussions and his road to recovery has been long, bumpy and sometimes quite scary.  Through it all, he discovered an interest in photography, videography and editing.   He has an eye for what works and for creating final shots that add an artistic element to a simple picture.