Sandi Miller

Life is often out of control, and we all wear way more hats than our heads will hold.  So, when I'm asked to answer the question - Who am I? - I have to start by peeling off those hats one at a time.  I'm a daughter, a wife, an aunt, a sister, a teacher, a photographer, and the fiercely loving mom of two adult boys.  I'm obsessed with my dogs, the beach, chocolate ice cream, and pumpkin beer - (but not so obsessed with cleaning or cooking.)  I can sing the lyrics to any song from the 80's - but I have no memory for facts and figures - much to the dismay of my husband who is the king of  movie and music trivia. 


It will come as no surprise that I love photography - but on my list of favorites I would also have to include kayaking and campfires, playing cards with friends/family and reading on the beach or my patio while listening to the Dave Matthews band.  Best of all - thanks to my mom who refused to let me quit piano lessons when I was 9 - I am blessed to worship God as a keyboard player at Crossroads Church in North Fayette Township.  I've taught 5th grade at South Fayette for over 20 years, developed student leaders at Duquesne University for 12 years before that, and as of 2016 - I am officially a small business owner!

Blink of an Eye: Sandi Miller Photography started out as a business venture with my oldest son hoping to  capitalize on our mutual interests in photography.  After years of taking photos of family gatherings and events, holidays and soccer games, I realized how much other parents enjoyed being given photos of their children.  In particular, through sports - I saw a way to serve others by allowing them to enjoy the game while I photographed memories that they could enjoy long after the final whistle.  We are grateful for the support of so many families and organizations who have allowed our small business to grow to now include senior and family portraits along with over 25 sports teams in the area.


We hope you find that our business is a good fit for your photography needs.  We work hard to capture those moments - because we all know how those years go the blink of an eye.